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Co-Creation Bootcamp

Two-Week Remote Bootcamp for Creating Science Games with ScienceVR


If you are a young creator (ages 11 to 13) who loves science and history, come create science games with us. We currently offer two tracks:

Visual Story Track (8 hrs total)

In the Visual Story Track, you will study one topic, chosen from the ScienceVR's Time Travel page and design a game within the two weeks. You will schedule four two-hour sessions. During each session, we will help you choose ideas to work on. You may work independently or in a small group to study the topic, but you must design your own game individually. You will draw sketches and make mockups for visualizing the idea. You will present your game at the end.

Technical Track (12 hrs total)

Technical Track is a fast-pace technical bootcamp to empower you to create a science game using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) in two weeks. You will study one science topic and implement a prototype for visualizing scientific knowledge with the ScienceVR staff. This bootcamp provides 1:1 coaching on the science aspect and on the Unreal Engine development. You will work on materials for six two-hour sessions for two weeks. 1:1 coaching sessions, sample project source codes, and curated science materials are included. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the science topic and beginner skills in using the Unreal Engine. The final outcome will be a playable science game prototype. Depending on your preference and skills, we offer two modules:

Beginner module: Law of Gravitation
This module focuses on connecting Newtonian physics (based on Richard Feynman's talk - The Law of Gravitation) to basic UE4 physics mechanisms.

Intermediate module: Coronavirus Simulation

How does coronavirus spread? This module focuses on programming non-player character (NPC) behaviors with UE4's AI tools.

"If you want to go somewhere, you need to start from there, not where you are now."

- Our first participant

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*We have a list of historical figures on ScienceVR's Time Travel page

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