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Carroll's Riddles

Carroll's Riddles

Carroll's Riddles: The Game of Logic is a fantastical and puzzling world based on the works of British logician and writer Lewis Carroll (1832-1898). You are invited on a journey to become immersed in the idiosyncrasies of Carroll’s mental landscape. Upon entering the virtual world, you meet with Alice and a talking rabbit. Aided with an interactive Carroll Diagram, you make your way out of the tree hole by tackling logic riddles. This immersive journey is unlike any other, pushing the limits of your imagination and challenging you to find logic in a nonsensical world.


Carroll's Riddles experience (paid preview) is available on Oculus Quest (App Lab). Please help us fund our further development. Special thanks to Caitlin Krause for her insights and advisory.

Subject: math (logic), history

Language: English

Format: puzzle-solving

Duration: 30-45 min

Device required: Oculus Quest


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