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VR Tutor

VR Tutor

VR Tutor is a VR education tool designed for broadcasting via Zoom or other video conferencing tools to do live demonstrations, especially for learning the COVID-19 virus. Students can watch the demonstration using their laptops or iPad without VR headsets.

The teacher uses a desktop VR system (e.g., Oculus Rift) to broadcast the demonstration from a third-person perspective. This broadcast is served as a virtual camera that connects to existing video conferencing tools (i.e., Zoom, Google Meet, etc...).

Subject: arts and sciences, biology, COVID-19

Language: English (subtitles)

Format: Broadcast via Zoom

Duration: 15 min

Device required: Oculus Rift/S, Quest (via Link),
Windows PC with Nvidia RTX 2070 or greater


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